Windows 10 – Should I wait?

Microsoft has recently released the latest version of its operating system (OS) for PCs – Windows 10 (let’s call it WinX).

This is the first time Microsoft is offering the upgrade for free to existing users of Windows 7 and 8 (until July 2016).   They are intending to make upgrades to their OS less of a big deal in the future, giving it away and moving to a more automatic update format.   Apple and Android have been following this model for years.   It’s a good idea for the most part – keeping your OS up to date means it has the latest security & features.

WinX NotifierMany of you may have seen a little notifier popping up on your PCs prompting you to reserve your free copy of WinX now.   With great joy and vigor many of you have done just so.   But is this a good idea? Continue reading

An inexpensive gadget to stay on track in your Practice.

Nine minutes – This is the time that passes before a discreet silent alarm goes off on Dr. Kathleen Tavarez‘ wrist during a patient consultation. It reminds her that her allocated time of ten minutes is nearly up. She politely sums up her thoughts with her patient and exits the consultation keeping her right on track for her next patient.


Rewind about a month. While onsite to help on some technical issues, Dr. Tavarez saw my smartwatch – a basic Pebble Watch. I gave her the quick 2 minute tour and demonstrated some of the cool things it could do. Read texts and emails, monitor who’s calling and even create simple alarm timers. She tried it on and although it’s a little plain on the style side and a little bulky, she’s decided to give it a try.

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Windows 8 – Should I Wait?

Windows 8 LogoIn October 2012 Microsoft released their latest version of their operating system – Windows 8.  The dilemma that arises for the Dental Practice is about whether it’s appropriate to start using it.  Early adopters are generally all fired up to try it out, and the conservatives amongst us aren’t interested at all.  What factors are there to consider in the decision? Continue reading

Dropbox Online Personal Storage

Remember how cool it was when you got your first USB Thumb Drive.  “Wow, I can have 2GB of storage on that tiny key stuffed in my pocket!”   This was a great leap forward from having to ‘Burn a CD’ the previous cool thing.

There are some disadvantages to USB keys:

  • You can lose them.  This is a real concern as far as HIPPA security concerns.  If you have anything patient related on that key when it is lost (and it is not encrypted), you have a HIPPA violation.
  • You can forget them.   Who hasn’t wanted to get something from or copy something to their USB key, only to realize they don’t have it with them.
  • They cost money.  Not much money though, a 2GB key only costs about $10 today.

Well, the next Cool thing is here to replace the USB Key.  Enter the one of the first really useful Cloud apps.   Online personal storage is a folder you keep up in the Cloud.  No more USB Key in your pocket, your Data lives up in the Cloud (somewhere) and you sync it down (via the Internet) to as many of your personal devices as you like. Continue reading

How to use Pandora Radio for the office Music System

‘House Music’ is a part of many Dental specialty practices.  It helps the day go by, and makes the office feel more homey.

There are a wide variety of solutions I have seen implemented over the years

  • A simple FM radio receiver tuned to a local station.  These can be problematic with getting a clean signal, and then there are the commercials to deal with. Continue reading