Allowing LogMeIn Remote Access on your MAC

Are you one of MME’s clients? Do you have LogMeIn installed so I can remotely access your Mac to provide you with remote support? If so, LogMeIn requires you to grant it greater access to your Mac. A window notifying you of this will appear on your Mac’s screen. Please go ahead and give LogMeIn the access that it is requesting.

The window notifying you that you need to grant LogMeIn greater access should look like this:

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Getting started with LogMeIn

MME Consulting Inc. (MME) uses LogMeIn Central to remotely control the vast majority of customer’s servers and workstations to help streamline our support services.  We can also invite individuals to also gain remote access to their computers so they can work outside of the office.  For enhance security and patient data protection, LogMeIn does require 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all LogMeIn accounts so getting started can be challenging for newcomers.

If you are receiving this document, it’s likely that you have been invited to connect to one of these systems.  Once invited, you will receive an email from an MME Consulting, Inc. with a link to create your unique LogMeIn Account.

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