Retiring that Old Computer – How to Recycle a PC

Do you have an old computer stuffed away in the closet or basement?  Perhaps it is sitting, unplugged, beside the new PC that replaced it.  Old, obsolete computers are a side effect of our technology age. Yesterday’s hottest technology is replaced, sooner or later, with the coolest new gadget.  We love the speed and features of our new computer, but what should we do with the old one?  Is it worth anything to someone else?  Can we just throw it in the trash?  What about old data on the hard drive? Continue reading

How to tell what movies arrived in the latest Dolphin Aquarium update

One of the features Dolphin Aquarium users love is the constant stream of new content being developed.  Aquarium updates arrive automatically over the Internet using the Dolphin Update Service (DUS).

I was recently asked by a long time Dolphin user “How do I know what new movies just arrived?”  I didn’t know the answer.   I knew the movies automatically join the list, but there are over 300 at the moment and how would you notice what’s new? Continue reading